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rational vc

Jan 8, 2024

Every podcast episode we explore a Lindy book, and find ideas you can use in business and life. Join 3,000+ curious minds and avid readers @ to get free access to essays and exclusive content. For the video version of episode click here.



(00:00) Intro / chit-chat
(20:11) Randomness & Luck
(24:46) Monte Carlo Simulation
(31:09) Ergodicity
(31:39) Hindsight Bias
(38:00) Survivorship Bias
(39:50) Asymmetric Bets / John & Nero
(49:53) Skewness & Asymmetry
(57:19) Pascal's Wager
(1:00:53) Induction & Chaos Theory
(1:03:22) Chapter 11
(1:08:45) System-1 vs System-2 Thinking
(1:10:03) Satisficing
(1:20:08) Normative vs Positive Thinking
(1:25:52) Signal vs Noise
(1:28:20) Heuristics
(1:33:45) Final Part of Book (Part 3's Importance)
(1:44:41) Favourite Quotes / Our Lives
(2:06:11) Final Thoughts


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